Corona Facts

Stay At Home Order

 communicate with the public what our involvement looks like while the order is in place. 

The order issued by the Governor is an enforceable public health order under state statutes. The order must be enforced by the County Attorney or Public Health Officials. Local Law Enforcement fully stands behind and believes in the order issued by the Governor to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through our community. 

All complaints of Stay at Home Order violations should be directed to the Public Health line at 651-6415. All complaints will be taken. Callers should not expect a call back unless there are additional questions. 

We have been absolutely impressed with the actions of our community so far during this and we have every reason to believe the community will continue to do so. Law Enforcement is not approaching this order with an enforcement mindset. This is a public health matter and we are all in as good community stewards. 

We highly encourage everyone in the community to abide by the order. Officers will continue to patrol and respond to normal calls for service. We have directed our Officers to not ignore blatant violations of the order and make safe contact with violators to educate them and encourage compliance. Blatant, egregious, and repeat violations will be documented and referred to the County Attorney and Public Health Officials. 

As fear, anxiety, and uncertainty heightens, Law Enforcement wants to re-assure the community that we remain on duty just as any other day. We have directed officers to focus their pro-active enforcement efforts with patrolling vulnerable targets for crimes of opportunity such as vacated schools, business, and such. We will increase patrols for visibility in essential areas that remain open such as supermarkets and other essential areas. 

We too are members of this community and want you to know we are here in this with you. By sticking together as a team we are guaranteed to stay MONTANA STRONG. 

In this busy and hectic world, we believe we all can make the best of this. Please use this Stay at Home Order as positive time to spend quality time with loved ones, play games, read books, exercise, be well and take care of each other. We ask that you make the best of this time and enjoy. 



March 27th, 2020

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