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Vaccine efforts redoubled as US death toll draws near 500K

States are redoubling their efforts to get the coronavirus vaccine into more arms after last week’s winter weather closed clinics, slowed vaccine deliveries and forced tens of thousands of people to miss their shots Go to Source Author:

UN to rich nations: Don’t undermine COVAX vaccine program

The head of the World Health Organization is pleading with rich countries to check before ordering additional COVID-19 vaccine shots for themselves whether that undermines efforts to get vaccines to poorer nations Go to Source Author:

Pubs, haircuts, gyms must wait as UK lifts lockdown slowly

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is setting out a road map for lifting one of Europe’s strictest national lockdowns — but millions of Britons longing for a haircut or an evening out still face a long wait Go to Source Author:

Vaccination starts without rush in Australia, parts of Asia

Australia has started its COVID-19 inoculation program days after its neighbor New Zealand, with both governments deciding their pandemic experiences did not require the fast tracking of vaccine rollouts that occurred in many parts of the world Go to Source Author: