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Two Democratic senators oppose Powell as Fed chair

Two Senate Democrats will oppose the reappointment of Jerome Powell as chair of the Federal Reserve, as President Joe Biden is expected to announce within days who he will pick for the nation’s most powerful economic position Go to Source Author:

DoorDash’s technological know-how offers help to food banks

By offering its existing delivery platform technology to food banks for free, DoorDash, like a growing number of companies, is providing something that many nonprofits say is even more valuable than cash – knowhow Go to Source Author:

Japan proposes record stimulus package to fix ailing economy

Japan’s prime minister has outlined a record 56 trillion yen, or $490 billion stimulus package, including cash handouts and aid to ailing businesses, to help the economy out of the doldrums worsened by the coronavirus pandemic Go to Source Author:

Couple’s $86M reward in Monsanto pesticide case stands

California’s highest court rejected on Wednesday a challenge by Monsanto Co. to $86.2 million in damages to a couple who developed cancer after spraying the company’s Roundup weed-killer in their yards for 30 years Go to Source Author: