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Job market for new grads: Much hiring but much competition

This year’s graduating class of college seniors is poised for better prospects than were the 2020 graduates, who had the misfortune to graduate in the depths of the disastrous coronavirus recession Go to Source Author:

Street parties celebrate end of Spain’s state of emergency

Impromptu street celebrations erupted in many cities across Spain as the clock struck midnight Saturday, when a six-month-long national state of emergency to contain the spread of coronavirus ended and many nighttime curfews were lifted Go to Source Author:

Ransomware gangs get more aggressive against law enforcement

Criminal hackers are now using increasingly brazen methods to try to extort money from law enforcement agencies, including leaking or threatening to leak highly sensitive and potentially life-threatening information Go to Source Author:

The Latest: India’s double whammy: Rising cases, few shots

Since India opened vaccinations to all adults this month, hoping to tame a disastrous coronavirus surge, the pace of administering the shots has only dropped, with states saying they only have limited stock Go to Source Author:

Eyeing reelection bid, Macron looks to repair French economy

President Emmanuel Macron’s plans for bringing France out of the pandemic aren’t just about resuscitating long-closed restaurants, boutiques and museums, but about preparing his possible campaign for a second term Go to Source Author: