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Biden asks high court to drop 2 Trump-era Medicaid cases

The Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court not to hear arguments in two cases on its March calendar about the Trump administration’s plan to remake Medicaid by requiring recipients to work Go to Source Author:

Judge says railroad talks should be included in lawsuits

A federal judge has ruled that the nation’s four largest railroads can’t exclude details of their conversations from lawsuits challenging billions of dollars of charges the railroads imposed in the past Go to Source Author:

Europe-bound migrants found among recycling glass, toxic ash

Spanish authorities say they have found and rescued 41 migrants who tried to reach continental Europe from North Africa last week, some of them hiding inside a container of discarded glass bottles and a bag of toxic ash Go to Source Author:

Pubs, haircuts, gyms must wait as UK lifts lockdown slowly

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is setting out a road map for lifting one of Europe’s strictest national lockdowns — but millions of Britons longing for a haircut or an evening out still face a long wait Go to Source Author: